Practice is cross disciplinary embracing architecture, urbanism, public art, curatorial, scenography and dramaturgy. Recent publications with  Routledge UK and NY divisions have focused on forwarding theories on the city, urbanism, human mobility, migration patterns, the unhomely, dispossession and environmental degradation from historical to contemporary perspectives. Further investigations have explored themes of the contestation of space from settlement to city, excavations of the urban through human geography, destruction and reconstruction of environments and theories for new transitory inhabitations for future cities. Other writings have focused on aspects of performance, dramaturgy and scenography published in various journals and books. Academic positions include: Professor of Spatial Design, University of Technology Sydney, Guest Professor University of Innsbruck and Advisor EU Urbanism Bauhaus Academy Dessau. Exhibitions include: Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Treato de la Laboural Asturias Spain, Fondation Cartier Paris and Cardiff Millennium Centre. Teaching architecture and spatial design has focused on reprogramming of industrial sites through radical ecological contexts and architecture economies. Research collaborations include examinations in automated fabrication, designing portable deployable shelter and textiles form-making through various industry partnerships CSIRO and DAAD (Architextiles), UK Highways Agency (urban infrastructure redevelopment) and Health (cognitive/physical designing for assisted living environments).

Professional Practice
>Present– independent scholar, writer, urbanist
>Scenographer 1985– Dance, Opera, Performance 
>Dramaturge 2002– Goodwork Productions, freelance commissions (DE, UK, FR, CH, JOD)
>Artistic Director /Curator 2006– Symposia “SEAM 2009”, “SEAM 2011”, “SEAM 2013” Critical Path Sydney AU
>Associate 2002-5– Thinkbuild Architecture Berlin

Past Engagements
>Professor 2010-16– Spatial Design, University of Technology, Sydney AU
>Guest Professor 2016– Architecture Faculty, University of Innsbruck AT
>Faculty Research Centre Director 2012-15- Centre Contemporary Design Practices, Design, Architecture, Building (UTS) AU
>Course Director 2007-09– Interior & Spatial Design, University of Hertfordshire, UK
>Advisor 2006-07– Bauhaus Dessau, Post-Graduate EU Urbanism DE
>Guest Doctor/Chair Affiliate 2003-06– Technische Universität Berlin (TU), Depart. VII Architecture & Environment DE
>Guest Professor 2002-04– University of Innsbruck, Architecture Faculty, Institut für Raumgestaltung AT

Education Qualifications
>PhD (Architecture. RMIT/TU Berlin) 1999-2005– Thesis: “The Architectural Flaw, Speculations on the Reconstructed City” AU
>MA (Interior Design. RMIT/UDK) 1996-1999– Thesis: “An Allegorical Study of Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen” AU
>Dipl (Scenography. Saint Martins) 1989-1990– Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, University of Arts London UK

Teaching Focus
>Regeneration of post-industrial sites, rethinking the urban condition, radical economies, design, architecture

Publications (selected)
>”The City in Transgression, Human Mobility and Resistance in the 21st Century” (monograph) p. Routledge 2021
>”The City in Geography, Renaturing the Built Environment” (monograph) p. Routledge 2019
>”Buried City, Unearthing Teufelsberg, Berlin and its Geography of Forgetting” (monograph) p. Routledge 2017
>”Trümmer Geographies”: On Ruins and Ruination, Performance Research Journal Routledge p. Routledge 2015
>”Self-ruining and Situated Vagrancy, The Geography of Performance”, book chpt. p. Ashgate 2015
>”Urban Atmospheres: at the interface of air”, SITUATIONS RMIT University journal p. RMIT 2014
>”The Architectural Flaw” in The Practice of Spatial Thinking – book chpt. p. onepointsixone 2014
>”Wearing your air, architecture for unstable environments”, ACADIA Journal Routledge p. Routledge 2013
>”OUT OF SPACE: rise of vagrancy in scenography”, Performance Research Journal Routledge p. Routledge 2013

Guest Lectures (selected)
>”Binding Professions, Interdisciplinary Practices”, Faculty of Arts and Design Aalto University Helsinki 2018
>”Out of Space: Cities_Urbans_Futures”, Faculty of Architecture Lebanese American University Beirut 2018
>”Clandestine: Architecture out of Nowhere”, Wismar University
>”Out of Place” 2015, Prague Quadrennial 2015
>”Fictions_Futures_Movements_Screens”, Istanbul Technology University 2010
>”Research as Practice”, Ghent University 2010

Papers (selected)
>”Fracking Futures: Reclaiming Dead Fossil Fuel Sites”, Heritage Erde, TU Berlin 2017
>”Citing the City as Artifical Landscape & Stasis through Impermanence”, (accepted not given) Quotation, Sahanz Conference Canberra 2017
>”Movement through Stasis: Beirut’s refugee camps” Critical Legal Conference, Wroclaw University Poland 2015
>”Walking Teufelsberg, a composition of legal architecture”, UTS Sydney Architecture & Law Symposium 2014
>”Urban Atmospheres: at the interface of air”, RMIT University Melbourne Situations Conference 2014
>”Situated Vagrancy”, Danish Institute Rome Spacing Performance Symposium 2014
>”Breathe: the air we share” (Co-author), Sydney University ISEA International Digital Conference 2013
>”Mapping the Experience of Space” (Co-author), XVI SiGradi 2012 “forma[in]formação”, Fortaleza, Brazil International Scientific Conference 2012

Exhibitions (selected)
>”Flip, Flap, Blink” in Corporeal: The Presence And Absence Verge Gallery, Sydney AU 2017
>”Pre-space”public sculpture/video visuals Vivid Festival Sydney AU 2014
>”Urban Atmospheres”exhibition of wearable air quality reading device (PM2 particles) Lisbon Architecture Triennale PRT 2013
>”Infinity”, Unity Monument, competition exhibition Kronprinzenpalais Berlin DE 2009
>”Forest”installation Cuidad de la Laboral, Asturias ES 2009
>”Text Modern”, interactive word-game on Walter Gropius 1919 manifesto Bauhaus Dessau DE 2007
>”California Roll”, installation/performance Fondation Cartier Paris, Amman, Beijing FR, JOD, CH 2004-5

Research (recent)
ATN-DAAD 2015-17– CSIRO, UTS AU, UDK Berlin, DE
>”Architextiles”– inflatable portable deployable shelters deploying textile coatings and polymer resin over 3D fabricated formwork.