Shed*light was a multi-media artwork in collaboration with Welsh artist Marc Rees that looked at the reconstruction of an individual’s experience of space, place and identity through architectural design, building, film, photography and sound installation. As an environment it challenged perceptions of intimacy and exposure through interventions into existing spaces creating a collision that redefined notions of imaginary and actual space.

Shed*light comprised two components: Replica and Remnants. Replica was a reconstruction of an old dynamite shed from the Swansea Valley in South Wales that was the site of Rees’ first sexual experience. The piece was first situated at the Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagans, Cardiff. The interior and exterior of the replica shed was completely covered with flocked wallpaper designed by Rees and Anderson in collaboration with Berlin artist Andrea Poessnicker. The design emulated the ivy of the original shed but was also embedded with subtle male erotica that echoed the rites of passage experienced within the buildings’ history.

Remnants were located within a derelict house in the city of Cardiff. The installation comprised a visual and structural intervention across all three floors of the building. The architectural intervention consisted of aligning the building’s existing floor plans through the construction of undulating surfaces and planes that shifted the viewers experience and perception of the space. The visual and visceral nature of the exhibition experience aimed to challenge the viewers reading of images placed within the exhibition environment Specific to the exhibition was the creation of video and sound environments that further extended the viewers overall pictorial, structural and aural relationships in the re-imaging of personal and public spaces.