Flip Flap Blink

SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK acts like a beacon to both an inner and outer visibility of the library at Green Square. Located in the library’s entrance, SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK displays in multiple colours the titles and authors of books contained in the library. Responding in real-time to the daily use of the library in the borrowing of books, SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK is conceived as a moving colour field of the library’s resources. Consisting of two back-to-back display boards: one facing outwards to Burke Street and one internal greeting the library’s users as they both enter and exit, SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK takes its cue from the iconic display of the arrival and departures of airport information boards. As the modern library plays into this space of global access, SPLIT-FLAP-BLINK brings a visual convergence that awaits users to the opportunities of the Green Square Library.

Collaborators: Tom Cole, Ben Anderson