Leistung forms the third work in a series of performance works created by Good Work Productions. Initiated by Isabelle Schad, Bruno Pocheron and Ben Anderson in 2004, Good Work Productions is an international experimental performance project concerned with the presentation, representation and perception of the body on-stage as well as its status and exposure in society.

Leistung resulted from a working process that investigated the following themes:
peripheral vision/frontal Image, can the performance be contained in framed images?;  discipline/authority, how far do images format reality and ourselves?;  thinking body/represented body, how does the body exist beyond its representation?;  identity/quotation, can the performing body and spoken text move freely between the private and public?

Leistung (performance in English) deals with the idea of recycling material, which has been used in previous Good Works or by ‘anybody’ in the art world. It plays with the acknowledgement of peers and the memory of other works and implies that everything that happens in the performance has been done before by someone else. Leistung attempts to show the inevitable role oblivion and self-amnesia acknowledgement plays as a consequence of being lost in the contemporary field of references and information. The performance takes place at a certain time and place but tries to be everywhere at times, tries to bond with who is not there, with previous collaborations of the Good Work series and with the art world.

Co-production / support: Kulturamt Pankow, MimeCentrum Berlin, TanzWerkstatt Berlin, Tanz im August 2005, Ausland-Berlin, Conseil des arts du Canada, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Usine C Montréal.
Performances: 2006 Tanz in Berlin; 2005 Ausland, Berlin, Usine C Montreal 2005, Tanz in August – Podewil, Berlin 2006.