Situated Vagrancy

Self-ruining and Situated Vagrancy: The Geography of Performance.
Book Chapter 2015

Employing the concepts of situated vagrancy and self-ruining as instrumental to my thinking and practice in scenography and site-specific performance, I have come to understand that performance, site and spectatorship become implicated when combined with the histories and conditions of site: each resulting in a self-ruining of the other. In this way, situated vagrancy and self-ruining foreground a simulacrum of the self-portraiture of site, performer and spectator as one. Reflecting on my experiences in Berlin’s Jewish Museum and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe brought an awareness of an emergent self-portrait within each interaction. The concepts of situated vagrancy and self-ruining are part of the indeterminacy of site and performance that contest the materialization of history through embodying that history.

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